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A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

As I approach the end of my maternity leave, I thought I’d share a day in the life/photo an hour type post, so there’s no Silent Sunday this week. Here’s what we got up to yesterday…

Jenson woke up at the rather unsociable time of 5.50am. Not too bad considering he didn’t want a bottle during the night again (we’ve had a rather good week of that) but I hoped that giving him a bottle might give me an extra hour after. No such luck. When he’s in bed with me and can see Luke, he just wants to chat and play, so I admitted defeat and took him downstairs.

a day in the life of jenson - walker

We always put BBC Breakfast on in the morning to catch up on what’s been going on in the world – and Jenson loves watching the weather. It’s easiest to plonk him in his walker while I get my breakfast and have my first coffee of the day. He’s not really walking in it yet; he leans his tummy towards the front and then catches his legs up later. Luke realised last night that there’s a lot of resistance from the carpet, so if anyone can recommend a large mat to go underneath to help, that would be great. Also, note yesterday’s laundry on the chair in the background, still not put away. Bad Mummy!

a day in the life of jenson - porridge beard

After a play on the sofa with some of his smaller toys and a bounce in the Jumperoo, it’s time for Jenson’s breakfast. We alternate between Weetabix and Ella’s Kitchen baby porridge and today it’s Mango and Apple Baby Porridge. Yum! He usually wipes his face with his bib between mouthfuls but today he ended up with a Porridge beard.  Cute!

I was hoping we’d be able to walk down to Sainsburys today as we didn’t leave the house yesterday (he had a teething grump on and ended up sleeping over five hours during the day) but the weather seems to have other ideas. Looks like it’s another day at home for us.

a day in the life of jenson - bob's burgers

He’s a bugger for fighting sleep, especially when he gets up earlier than usual. We watched some Bob’s Burgers while his bottle cooled down and he wolfed down six ounces before falling asleep on me. He doesn’t always burp when he’s asleep which is the perfect excuse to stare at him for a few extra minutes before putting him down.

a day in the life of jenson - elevenses

Baby’s asleep! Yay! Time to wash and change, put the laundry on, take dinner out of the freezer and settle down for a spot of elevenses (tenses?) and catch up on The Good Wife. Except as soon as I park my bum I’m greeted by this…

a day in the life of jenson - in his cot

We’ll try again with The Good Wife when he has his afternoon nap. If he only had half an hour this morning he’s bound to want an hour or two this afternoon. Unless he had all his naps yesterday… What if he never naps again?!

Every morning I can guarantee that minutes after I’ve changed a wet nappy he’ll crap all over the clean one. And he did it twice before 10.30am! By the time I got to sit down with my cup of tea it was cold. Sad face.

a day in the life of jenson - jumperoo

He seems to be having a bad teething day. He’s quick to get upset and we’re going from toy to toy a lot to keep him entertained. He likes sitting in his walker with a toy and dropping it over and over. And God help you if you don’t pick it up straight away! He’s clearly struggling though, so I’ll do whatever it takes to make him happy. Look at that rosy cheek and the way he’s sucking on his lips. Poor chap.

a day in the life of jenson - lunch time

Lunch is normally Organix carrot sticks and something fruity. Today it’s an Ella’s Kitchen berry yoghurt. I give him his favourite highchair toy to play with too as it can take him a while to get through the sticks.

a day in the life of jenson - playing on the sofa

After lunch I put The Incredibles on, which I recorded the other day. He loves anything animated or with music. He needs his toys on hand too so he has something to dribble over. I’m not good with dribble. I’m fine with dirty nappies now and not bad with vomit (it still brings back horrible memories of morning sickness and makes me feel a bit iffy) but dribble is the worst.

a day in the life of jenson - afternoon nap

He was fussy during lunch – a clear sign that’s something’s up – and he didn’t seem to settle during the film. He was obviously tired but, again, didn’t want to nap. He wouldn’t go down in his cot so I brought his bear playmat down from the office – a trick that worked yesterday. When he’s really upset and tired it helps to lie down next to him sometimes rather than hold him. He knows that I’m still there and he can reach me without getting myself into the trap of always having him in my arms. He’s usually asleep within a few minutes.

With Jenson asleep I was able to put the laundry in the dryer, put the next load in the machine, make some lunch and resume with my attempt to watch The Good Wife. We’re only two episodes into season seven but I can’t help but feeling it’s not as fiery as it usually is. Maybe it’ll pick up… Jeffrey Dean Morgan should help!

a day in the life of jenson - blogging

Jenson slept through the whole episode so I got cocky and thought I could get ahead of myself with some blogging. I’d already been drafting this blog throughout the day on my phone but I needed my laptop to start putting next week’s baby post together. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been posting one lifestyle and one parenting post a week, as well as my Follow Friday, Silent Sunday and usual items of the day. And I try not to post baby items two days in a row in an attempt to keep content balanced. Do let me know how you think I’m doing with that!

The boy napped for three hours! I managed to write the whole blog post and start researching another.  I should have napped myself really as I’ve been up before 6am the last two days but getting stuff done now means I don’t have to do it tonight. Plus Luke will be getting up with him tomorrow – hello, lie-in.

a day in the life of jenson - playing

We carried on with The Incredibles after his nap and more playtime before tea. He had veggies and baby gravy today. I make up a load of mashed veggies every few weeks and freeze them but they can be quite plain and boring. My mum recommended some baby stock cubes from Boots and he loves them.

a day in the life of jenson - playing with daddy

The look on his face when Luke comes home is the best. It sucks for Luke having to work all day and then only getting an hour or two with him in the evening so it’s great that they get some time to play while I cook tea. Clever me totally forgot to add cooking oil and herbs and spices to the chicken and veggies so it was a rather dry, albeit healthy, meal.

a day in the life of jenson - office

After dinner I was feeling pretty rough (please don’t tell me I have a cold coming right before I start work!) and not remotely in the mood for the tidying up I usually do at the end of the day. Luke said he’d do the dishes tomorrow as he’s off now until Saturday (yay!), so I did the bottles, steriliser and laundry while Luke put Jenson to bed and I was finally able to sit down in the office at 9pm. Now to finish this post and schedule it ready for tomorrow!

So, tomorrow I’m officially a working mum – part-time at least. I can’t help thinking that makes me a part-time mum too but I guess you can never really shut off that part of your brain, even when you’re miles from your child. Do you reckon I can still use baby brain as an excuse?

Now that Luke is a stay at home dad (for the most part – he’ll only be working weekends from now on), he thought it would be interesting to create some videos and write some blog posts from that POV, so look out for those coming soon!

2 thoughts on “A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)”

    1. I feel bad for Luke now I’m back at work though because he’s been up by 6am every day so far. Not a good start to an already knackering day! Plus teething!

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