a day in the life of jenson - playing on the sofa
Jenson, Parenthood

A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

As I approach the end of my maternity leave, I thought I'd share a day in the life/photo an hour type post, so there's no Silent Sunday this week. Here's what we got up to yesterday... Jenson woke up at the rather unsociable time of 5.50am. Not too bad considering he didn't want a bottle… Continue reading A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

jenson jumperoo five months
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Five months old

Over the past month I've felt like Jenson has become more of a little person and less of a baby. Sure, we still have plenty of early milestones to go, such as rolling over, first tooth and weaning, but he has a proper little personality now, can babble for hours and he's getting really strong… Continue reading Jenson: Five months old