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My top ten Christmas songs

Sure, by the time December rolls around, most of us are sick of hearing Christmas songs. Damn high street stores starting early! But there are some that we can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy over or want to start shaking our bootay to in the living room. I've gotta have 'em on while… Continue reading My top ten Christmas songs

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New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

So I was just browsing the internet, as you do, going from one link to another, and I can't remember how but I came across a watercolour print of one of my favourite characters ever - 10 Things I Hate About You's Kat. And that's not all. The artist, Oh Gosh Cindy, has created watercolour… Continue reading New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

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Item of the day: Skirt with musical notes from Chic Wish

I spotted this beautiful musical notes skirt from Chic Wish on Briar Rose's blog t'other day and instantly fell in love with it. I was a very musical child (grade 6 clarinet, grade 2 drums) and love anything like this. It's gone on the ol' Christmas list as it's £31.20 - maternity payments don't stretch… Continue reading Item of the day: Skirt with musical notes from Chic Wish

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Follow Friday #18

I've uncovered some more beauties this week, including a new favourite blog. Enjoy. Blogging The Highs & Lows of Blogging List - Manchester Flick Chick Blogging is NOT a Competition - Water Painted Dreams Baby 20 things they don't tell you about having a newborn - Baby Centre 6 Things I Wish I'd Known About… Continue reading Follow Friday #18

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Follow Friday #11

Lots more loveliness from the blogosphere this week as I've got a couple of weeks to catch up on! Take a peek at my highlights Books Oh, happy day! Anna Kendrick is writing a book! - Hello Giggles Book Review: Station Eleven - Free Borboleta Amazon's 100 Books to Read In a Lifetime - List… Continue reading Follow Friday #11

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Highlights of the week

Plenty of recipes to try this week, along with blogging tips and days out in Cornwall. Lifestyle Pastel bedroom - Not on the High Street Chocolate Lego is made to make your mouth water - Creative Bloq I believe in you - Sailboat Thoughts :: On Being A Product Of My Family - She &… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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Geeky Games: ’90s music trivia

This may not be geeky in the 'traditional' sense, like the Marvel Monopoly and Donkey Kong Jenga I've previously mentioned, but every twenty-something's inner geek comes out when it comes to '90s trivia. This music trivia is the perfect game to bust out for house parties and drinking games. Just don't be a sore loser… Continue reading Geeky Games: ’90s music trivia

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Item of the day: Faith glitter shoes

I was watching the X Factor last night (yes, I'm that cool)  and loving Taylor Swift's performance (my coolness knows no bounds!) and became immediately infatuated with her glitter brogues. Never mind the fact that this pretty, talented, super-successful singer was up on stage in front of millions wearing FLAT SHOES! I had to get… Continue reading Item of the day: Faith glitter shoes