whats a girl gotta do by holly bourne
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Friday Favourites #33

This week has very much been about appreciating the little things. With the weather too cold and meh to go out and do anything fun, we've spent a lot of time watching (and re-watching) Frozen. Here's this week's highlights. 1. Jenson being cute AF. I know I think he's super cute 99.9% of the time… Continue reading Friday Favourites #33

jenson's weaning journey
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Our weaning journey so far

Weaning. Now there's a scary word if ever a new parent heard it! It can be pretty daunting thinking about when and how to start the process, especially when there's so much conflicting advice out there. I think everyone I've spoken to about it has started a different way but we had a very clear… Continue reading Our weaning journey so far

2 tog sleepsuit
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October baby clothes haul

Yep, this is generally a monthly occurrence but I haven't remembered to photograph a lot of them post-purchase. It's generally a mad dash to photograph Jenson looking cute in his little clothes before he unleashes a load of vomit. Or poo. Or both... Yep, we're at that fun teething stage where he poos all the… Continue reading October baby clothes haul