New journals from Abrams + Chronicle
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New journals from Abrams & Chronicle

This post features products sent for review purposes and affiliate links I'm a sucker for a journal, whether it's blank for your own thoughts or guided to help you make sense of your life. I especially love using them to set goals and record precious memories, whether it's in my bullet journal or something a… Continue reading New journals from Abrams & Chronicle

My Neighbour Totoro stationery from Abrams + Chronicle
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Stationery porn: My Neighbour Totoro

I adore anything which combines my love of stationery with any of my other passions, namely books and films, so I was super excited to hear about Abrams + Chronicle's new Studio Ghibli range. The collection launched earlier this week with (ridiculously freaking adorable) My Neighbour Totoro postcards* and notecards*. The 30 postcards come in… Continue reading Stationery porn: My Neighbour Totoro

birthday christmas list 2017
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My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

In case I've not mentioned it enough already, I turn 30 at the end of the month - eek! People have been warned against surprise parties, speeches, singing and any memorabilia with my age on but, ya know, presents are always gratefully received. I'm not a monster! Now that I'm old there's nothing I really… Continue reading My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

totoro notebook and pen from amazon
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Item of the day: Totoro notebook and pen from Amazon

When it comes to kawaii stationery you can't go wrong with something Ghibli-inspired. I love this Totoro notebook and pen combo from Amazon. Totoro Notebook and Pen One Piece Notebook Set for Collectors, £13.99

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Saturday Share #67

Another awesome week in the blogosphere, packed with Feminist Fridays, blogging tips and yummy baked goods. Pour yourself a brew and enjoy! Music I really need to listen to Regina Spektor's new album. Love that gal Lifestyle Feminist Fridays? Bleddy good idea! I'm not a fan of Zoella. The girl is clearly good at what… Continue reading Saturday Share #67

totoro mug from etsy
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Item of the day: Totoro mug from Etsy

If you're anything like me and have a cupboard packed full of random mugs which reflect your various passions, you'll be wanting this rather epic Totoro mug from Etsy. Which reminds me, I really need to introduce Jenson to this awesome film! The mug is £6.95. If you prefer your cocktails to tea, and why… Continue reading Item of the day: Totoro mug from Etsy

my neighbour totoro pencil case from cloudy cow
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Item of the day: My Neighbour Totoro pencil case from Cloudy Cow

In last week's Follow Friday I shared Mrs Brimble's post about Cloudy Cow and oh my gosh there is so much awesome over there! I'm loving this Totoro pencil case - it's a total bargain at £3.50. And that's not all! They also stock incredible washi tapes, featuring paper clips, mugs, wellies, rabbits and umbrellas… Continue reading Item of the day: My Neighbour Totoro pencil case from Cloudy Cow

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My Christmas list

Last week I shared Jenson's Christmas list and this week I'm sharing my growing list/Pinterest board. My birthday is two months away and Luke, the lovely boyfriend that he is, has already started shopping, so I'm not being that much of an eager beaver by putting together a Pinterest list of favourites for friends and… Continue reading My Christmas list

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Jenson’s Christmas list

That's right, I'm talking Christmas and it's only September. I've been thinking ahead for Jenson ever since I found out I was pregnant, buying clothes for different ages, pinning things we can do together when he's bigger and now I'm thinking about Christmas presents. My family tends to ask for Christmas lists (yes, even at… Continue reading Jenson’s Christmas list